Shadow Self

ShadowThere’s a lot lurking in the shadows of a man’s mind that influences his thinking in a way that is simply negative. It is negative because if he were conscious of these underlying motives, he would disagree with them, struggle with them, and remedy the contradictions so he can feel more at ease with who he thinks he is is versus what he does. This is likely the biggest problem there is with the human condition: the shadow self that a man is unable to see or know because it is too deeply ingrained inside. Life is too busy and noisy to deal with such deep things because it requires halting the usual automatic and superficial personality that is comfortable to simply go with the flow and not upset the presiding order of things. The cost however is immeasurable because it robs life of many things that relate to the creativity and diversity of individual thought. For example, the shadow self makes sure that people conform to a certain degree so that society as a whole runs fairly smoothly. The majority of people are very well programmed to avoid being labelled as rabble rousers, trouble makers, and misfits because that is exactly what the world will be tempted to do if certain things are said or done, and this serves as a fenceless fence that keeps out all sorts of disruptive yet innovative influences from entering the farm.


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