Simply Vanity

WonderMen yearn to possess the truth about things and then compulsively prescribe them onto others. They revel in pondering out formulas and then presenting them as evidence of their own personal value. So much of this activity is simply vanity exerting itself, and vanity is always evidence of some underlying emotional immaturity. Men who think of themselves in a certain way, denoting their stations in life as thought leaders, expend considerable amounts of energy formulating and broadcasting their self–imposed beliefs onto others simply for the sake of bolstering their preconceived image of themselves. If what is said to be true is of actual value than it deserves to be handled only when a man is dispassionate enough to paint the message as conditional to particular circumstances. The context must have some influence that should be taken into account and factored in as an overriding force. Humans are hardly equipped with the brainpower to comprehend absolute truths, should they exist. They are even less equipped to broadcast them out onto others without inadvertently and inevitably distorting what they touch with their own prejudices. Such things are likely too delicate to be handled by as blunt a medium as words without tainting and debasing them in the process.


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