Brain Grooving

Becoming itThat the brain has been proven elastic should be a mind-blowing fact. It ought to stir a permanent flag of caution in everyone’s head. A bad mood, for instance, isn’t simply a passing cloud that a man should endure for any moment longer than is involuntarily necessary. The brain literally grooves itself a little bit deeper to the shape it needs to be to make that experience as likely to recur as possible. It is not a love and light karmic idea that has faith and abstract ideas attached to it. It is scientific reality. It is practical because it is the proven nature of how the brain works. A man repeats a mental process and the brain adapts itself to better accommodate that occurrence in the future. The more he fantasises in some particular direction, the more his brain will wire itself towards that fantasy. The plastic grooves of the brain shape shift to accentuate that trait and slowly a man becomes an increasing exaggeration in all the ways his habits command. The difficulty in this knowledge becoming of significant use to him is that he can awake to it only after thousands of days of brain grooving has taken place, and has set its heavy toll.


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