Losing Face

Stuck InsideFearing to act due to the social stigma of losing face is a neurosis. It betrays the presence of vanity, that wicked psychological device that makes people glance at every passing reflection. The psychological defect is increasingly severe in our age. It’s a virus that infects virtually everyone and differs only to a negligible degree. Often, people think they are devoid of it. Those people, especially if they proclaim so aloud, are likely the epitomes. Vanity disables a man’s psychology through its tentacles of anxiety, fear, stubborn pride, and all of those other abnormalities of mind and spirit. It shrieks at the thought that it might be caught in a moment of imperfection. It’s rating on the grand scale of valuable humans to society might just crash down. The whole facade might crumble and one’s bright Disney future along with it. Vanity is a delusional storyboard that distorts one’s grip to reality and robs one of the opportunity to extract from what little time one has in life to be enriched. It is a form of suffering and mental disease that ought to be treated instead of being incessantly encouraged by the media and practiced competitively amongst peers as a narcissistic ritual.


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