Proverbial Finger

Not thereThe trickiest challenge to psychology is in accepting negativity as solely a personal, internal, issue. Aside from raw circumstances that threaten a man’s immediate or imminent survival — a scenario that is increasingly rare amongst the privileged class of first world inhabitants — there really is no excuse to the phenomenon of negativity. It is a remnant of childhood; of emotional immaturity and a lack of intellectual depth. In its every manifestation lies weakness. Men feel a secret pleasure from humouring the chatter of negativity and, regardless how seemingly perverse it may seem, especially in violently expressing it outwardly. The inward aspect is all the while draining him while it distracts the man away from the otherwise opportune moment to be productive, creative, and generally intelligent. Instead of acknowledging this truth and fact to what is simply a silly and stubborn habit, men accustom themselves to pointing the proverbial finger at external justifications for their fickle temper, and channel their wit towards building up rationales to why the world is in the wrong at every turn. This is the seemingly inexorable barrier that both exists yet does not exist: the unwillingness to let go of a narrative that breeds unnecessary discontent in order to feed and fuel an abnormal addiction.


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