Revise Itself

Stagnant StuffCan a thing, whatever that thing is, adapt? It doesn’t matter whether the thing is a man, an organisation, or an idea. Can it adapt? If the answer is no, then it is either a stagnant or malignant force. In either case it doesn’t possess the capacity to revise itself based on an ever-changing understanding of reality. Whatever intelligence it has will instead be directed to avoiding or manipulating whichever elements of the environment are seen to fetter its existence and interests. It will only look to outward and external ways to solve its problems. A thing that cannot inwardly adapt does not conceive the idea that the architecture of the environment is more intelligent than it is. A thing that cannot adapt lacks the humility of being a created thing with a minute lifespan that is laughably tenuous. It lacks the humility to perceive how laughably limited its range and scope of knowledge and understanding is relative to the incomprehensible degree of sophistication at play in the environment. It instead suffers from ignorance which then guides its action based on conceit rather than sober reason. The capacity to inwardly change is the freedom people, knowingly or not, seek in life.


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