Nomadic Mentality

System WeavedMost men are wired directly to the circuitry of society. They are slotted into a particular role and animated by the dynamics of the environment. The top of the hierarchy funnels down demands and the bottom tiers respond accordingly. If you take a man out of these conditions it will be like unplugging an electronic device. This is why retirement often results in an acceleration of decline relative to longevity of health. Men lose their sense of purpose, and hence their source of vitality, because they are intrinsically dependent to an external system that is supposed to decide what that purpose is. It is an exceedingly rare sight to find a man who is devoid of this addiction; someone equipped with a nomadic mentality. Instead the modern world churns out reactive workhorses who all possess a frame of mind that is entirely in-sync with what society requires of its units of production and consumption. A change in that frame of mind is possible but very uncomfortable and a typical adult who, for some reason or another, decides to experiment in this direction will very soon tire and begin making up excuses of why he should abandon the endeavour. Sheep need no fences.


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