Unnatural Convenience

Blind InsideCertainty disables certain parts of the brain simply by neglect. A man becomes weak and feeble in the way he thinks and feels about the world. He is desperate for events to happen in a predictable way and this cuts off the blood supply to the side of his brain that thrives from chaos. Even when life meanders he will try to explain away the twists of fate as if they were predesigned with his best interests at heart. It is a wholly delusional frame of thinking that is instilled in nearly all of the more or less comfortable dwellers of first world societies who are brought up on narcissistic media. The unfortunates that live outside of this cocoon of unnatural convenience typically don’t entertain such thoughts of grandeur. Plain old survival is what’s on their minds instead. There is no certainty for them except that tomorrow is always uncertain. Plans for that morrow consist of very practical desires that a dweller of the first world usually takes for granted, like the absence of violence and malnutrition. In the case of the fortunates, what this sense of certainty and its captivation towards predictability does is that the creative functions of the mind responsible for fostering resourcefulness and developing talent degrades. A man becomes a fossil inside and out.


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