Volatile Emotion

Step AwayA man’s stress response is largely a vestige belonging to an environment that no longer exists in modern times. The refined variety of emotions that pertain to social bonding and philosophical ideals are in stark contrast to what flares up as unnecessarily volatile emotion. A great degree of what constitutes the body is still wired for the raw savanna and is simply incapable of comprehending the fact that societal pressures in first world conditions have nothing to do with life and death circumstances. A man’s brain races with plans, anticipations, and the meeting of unexpected events that turn those plans and anticipations topsy-turvy. These thoughts relay themselves down to the level of the reptilian brain and, lo and behold, a knot of anxiety has begun to form in a man’s gut. Later that night he may even have trouble sleeping as the instinctive side continues to worry to an unnecessary degree of intensity that is entirely inappropriate given the situation. Such is the breeding ground of an untold and numerous range of neurotic conditions capable of gradually transforming a comparatively normal man into a closet nutcase. Society may have moved on from the setting of the savanna but a man’s inherent constitution certainly has not.


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