Average Joe

Structured RealitySocialised egos are primed and ready to respond to any conceivable event. They are preprogrammed to react to every known encounter society has catalogued in its records of possible circumstances. Socialised egos are not naturally thinking-machines, in the sense of actually producing thoughts. This capacity is in reality quite rare for the simple reason that it requires an unnecessary additional degree of effort and energy that society doesn’t require of the Average Joe. Children are placed on a conveyer belt that leads them through a prepackaged itinerary of social indoctrination and by the time the trip is over the outer lessons have all been absorbed as inner protocols. The man thinks he thinks but he is simply on socialised autopilot amongst hundreds or thousands of other socialised autopiloted peers, all reacting based on the same inner protocols. Society continues to be a well-greased machine working towards an indefinite trajectory of sustained survival. As one man walks towards another, there is not a single type of event that can occur that does not have a corresponding reaction ready for it. There are exceptions but they are rare and the metabolism of society has a recycling bin that quickly dispenses of any such defective products of socialisation. Normal men are equipped with standard reactions designed to keep the structure of society fixed and firm; minimising any disruptions to its flow of processes.


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