Emotional Circuitry

Swing BackBeing human, in and of itself, is a fairly simple condition. Society is what makes everything so complex. It tangles up the emotional circuitry. Men develop emotional hangups that are — while completely absurd in objective reality — taken quite seriously by subjective society. They are taken so seriously that most of them are in fact considered normal. In the event that the emotional circuitry becomes so entangled that wires fuse together and a man begins to behave beyond the bounds of any semblance of coherence, only then does the term ‘abnormal’ get kicked about. Only when a single man can no longer by his own volition mix and blend into the fold does he receive the scarlet letter of declared insanity. It is this capacity to blend that society cherishes and demands. The little replications, the children, are reared into the academy of blending quite early on. Their emotional circuitry becomes tangled because the doctrines of blending take priority over a child’s individuality. The tangling happens because the force of who or what a man is and who or what a man is educated to be feud for quite some time until the latter invariably tires and wears the other one out, leaving a mess in the wake.


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