Rare Moments

Think RightlyKnowledge is inherently tenuous and transient. Information can endure in plain sight for vast stretches of time, but knowledge is only a momentary possibility. A man forgets too easily and his mind is primarily based on a logical sequence. At any given moment only one particular thought can occupy his mind and knowledge is by this author’s definition the active relationship of multiple thoughts happening at the same time. Knowledge requires juggling context, context requires the dance of multiple thoughts, and the human mind is either too poorly designed or programmed to be able to hold on to that sort of eureka frame of mind for more than a few seconds, or maybe minutes, at a time. This is the problem with intelligence and wisdom, other than the kind that is misunderstood to be so. These alleged states of acquired development can only be genuinely had in those rare moments when a man is perceptually set into the right gears. It is rare because life is noisy, a man’s psyche is noisy, and as the two interplay with one another, they create a cacophonous mess that disallows the opportunity for such inner moments to stir and arise. Knowledge requires the mind to act somewhat unlike itself, alien to itself, and perhaps even trick itself into the right receptive state.


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