Alien Garment

Shed AgainSincerity doesn’t begin with a choice. It starts when a man realises he is wearing clothes that were handed down to him. They do not particularly fit or feel well, but quite often these articles of alien garment are left unnoticed solely due to unconscious ignorance. This form of incompetence is innocent because a man frankly isn’t aware of the fact that the thoughts that spring into his head and which in turn provoke the body to recoil, the heart to catch on fire, and poor actions to ensue, are all inherited. These qualities of the ‘average joe’ are not innate and inherent but acquired artificially and forever more mechanically performed unless a man decides to go against the grain. Sincerity exists as a natural precondition that is entirely devoid of any bias, agenda, or motivation that means to manipulate reality in favour of a man’s personal and, more often than not, exclusive promise of prosperity. It is free to think, answer, and base its actions on the deliberations of an uncorrupted mindset. Any glimmer of sincerity that exists in an ordinary man walking along the pavements of a typical human hive will sense how truly unique this quality of innocence is amid the theatre of society.


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