Tenuous Canvas

Look AgainA great deal of what is theory will always remain theory. What adults learn as wisdom typically floats up temporarily in the clouds of their thoughts. The insight appears and disappears on the tenuous canvas. The adult mind is not as omnipotent as it is thinks it is. The subconscious weight of all of those many of years of being reared by parents and surrounding society proves to be too powerful a force. It’s momentum manifests in nearly every action like near-jerk reactions that the conscious mind is inexorably blind to. How a man feels or thinks in one moment is predicated upon the foundation of what that hapless infant learned by rote decades before. It is not impossible, just highly improbable, for a man to circumvent his programming and act free and clear according to his own individual volition. The illusion of forethought considerations and decisive choices is a facade that most men will never see passed even once in their lives. It is like an insurmountable wall of hypnotic pretence that everyone sharing the same dream is oblivious and therefore inextricably bound to. No one enjoys the sight of reality when that vision in one instant reveals all of one’s pleasures as pure fantasy.


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