Diluting Impact

Focus NowOne aspect of intelligence is the capacity to discriminate between what is dispensable and what is not. An intelligent man saves energy when he recognises the essential and exercises discipline by avoiding the inessential and therefore superfluous. While the bohemian will declare such an approach to life to be overwhelmingly dull and colourless, the intelligent man rebuffs by pointing to certain aims and goals he has set upon himself and to his desire to expedite their fulfilment and fruition. The energy he saves by avoiding the inessential enhances the quality of his efforts, and in so doing saves the most precious commodity known in existence: time. The intelligent mans understands that by discarding the superfluous, those otherwise forces of distraction, he not only saves himself time but also vivifies his living experience of thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. All of these functions improve in quality as they are rescued from the diluting impact of the superfluous. A host of negative traits connected to irrational thinking, frenetic emotions, and an anxious body are mitigated and released as a man learns to hone onto each of these functions and settle them back into a balanced and harmonious state that surrenders to reason.


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