Real World

Look DeepStereotypes exist for a reason and they are indispensable as general warnings to one’s approach to life. Exceptions also exist and they are equally important. The upshot eventually meets with some sort of relative blunder when one is over-emphasised at the expense of the other. Stereotypes more often than not prove true because whole groups of people are painted with general characteristics that are unfortunately outside of their immediate control. People from a certain locale will have acquired certain traits and inclinations simply by the fact of having arose and been brought up there. When naive men argue this point, ignore it as an important factor, and recklessly endeavour to act without the warnings of stereotypes in mind, they will soon encounter consequences that a wiser and more hardened man would have been able to predict well beforehand. The emotional side of a man that sways towards unrealistic ideals of bubbly optimism is simply at odds with the real world. If he were to allow his negative experiences to instead equip him with the precautionary memory embedded within the stereotypes that have long been established about types of people, or types of circumstances, he will initially feel like he is sacrificing a virtuous and noble element of his character rather than face the fact that he is simply becoming sober and saner in relation to reality.


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