Emotional Insanity

Down You GoThe human animal is the only species to possess learned emotions. Every other kind on earth is endowed only with the built-in type, such as instinctive irritability. Men’s feelings can be hurt and the possibilities of how this can transpire are likely infinite because they are entirely subjective to an inner world of daydreams that produce an endless variety of scenarios based on a grey mix of facts and fiction. By the time a man is adolescent he is already chockfull of beliefs that society has instilled in heavy layers. At this stage he is entirely swayed from circumstance to circumstance to react to events according to what his beliefs state are the rights and wrongs that can be done to him. There is hardly any room for actual thinking and retrospective learning because his beliefs are on a constant lookout for reassurances. He expects for his plans to work out smoothly, for people to like and value him, and any small event that contradicts these expectations will inexorably induce a state of emotional insanity that no other animal in the world is able to experience. The clarity of mind some men are able to discover in life appears to be contingent on the capacity to unlearn emotional responses by clearing out the wrong subconscious beliefs that engender them.


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