Raising Strain

While ClimbingStress — that raising strain and pressure on the integrity of a man’s psychological state — is the ultimate test for a man’s degree of personal development. The ordinary approach is to suppress and avoid factors that can upset what is commonly referred to as ‘peace of mind’. A man encounters conditions and circumstances that upset his expectations and so immediately induce a state of emotional and instinctive frenzy. He tries in every way he can think of to eliminate these factors so that he can once again feel safe and secure. This response to stress is tantamount to failing the test. In the first world, where most people are usually fed each day and have grown accustomed to a variety of luxuries, even the slightest and petty inconveniences can set a man off into a negative state. It can be as little as having to wait ten more seconds to be served a cup of coffee The stress response that was originally designed to keep the human animal safe in the wild jungle has somehow become connected with a sense of socialised self-entitlement that is entirely based on vanity and other insane psychological vices such as obsessive control over one’s sense of reality – qualities that can only exist and fester within the isolated bubble of first world conditions.


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