Totally Revolve

Look CloserThe quality of a man’s entire life depends on the quality of his attention. It is the central axis from which the power of his memory and capacities totally revolve. The vividness of his life experience hinges on the intensity of alertness he exerts into the moment, and this alertness is not some vague or ambiguous idea. It is an intentional and intimate anchoring of the limbs of his entire being to his immediate conditions. The body, for instance, demands an attention to be applied to its frame, posture, the rhythm of breaths, the tensions in the muscles, and the general senses of sound, sight, smell and other instinctive functions such as touch and temperature. The mind and emotions are as equally important to engage. The mind halts its associative thinking and subjugates it to a rational and intentional direction. The emotions work to wring out and elevate the meaning of existing amidst the subjective circumstances a man finds himself flowing through. When he recognises that one aspect of his life is lacking, he first returns to the quality of his attention and works to improve it by any and all means despite the myriad of obstacles that stand in the way.


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