Different Reality

Look AgainWith the passage of time, as a man flows into his later years, values change as the mind matures. He will look upon his past with different eyes, often regretting the opportunities he had either partially or even entirely forgone due to what he perceives as youthful ignorance and folly. The situation is and will always be that only age and experience can develop the quality of appreciation required in order for a man to be serious towards his present opportunities, be it a case of learning a skill like a language or jumping out of an aeroplane for the thrill of a unique experience that may never be afforded to him again under the same circumstances. The ill approach to this reflection of the past is when it evokes negative emotions such as regret. The past will always be occupied by the youthful version of himself and no magical power in the universe exists that can ever transport his present self into that different space of reality. Men can however use the same impulses stirred from gazing into the past by applying a greater sense of urgency onto the opportunities of the present moment. This is the intelligent approach that must displace the otherwise entirely childish and useless emotions of resentment and regret. May the past empower the present.


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