The Beast

The BeastA man’s physical body is forever clueless in relation to the influence of his socialised psychology. It certainly has a primal comprehension of basic physical interests, but it does not understand the complicated affairs of society and a city dweller’s elaborate life. Concepts such as career, social life, and the nagging ties of financial burdens all rest far beyond its reach. A man contemplates a problem or situation from which a great degree of emotional stress is evoked and the body instantly floods itself with fear-based hormones that should never arise except in genuinely dire situations that threaten a man’s welfare. Psychological stress that does not have immediate physical consequences should never evoke such a response in the body, yet such is commonplace amongst virtually all men struggling to live and survive within an increasingly competitive society. A man is not aware of this distinction between the body and the rest of what he is, namely the mind and the emotions. If he understood the distinction and the relationship between them, he would become more self-aware about the state of his physical body relative to the events of his life, and he would ensure that the beast be kept calm and content while his psychology busies itself away trying to resolve great difficulties that are simply too abstract for the body to understand.


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