Grown Up

Above the CurvesWhile fending off the occurrence and consequences of negative events is a rational approach to living one’s life intelligently, the manifestation of negative emotions is quite the opposite. When a negative emotion arises, whether it be based on any of the derivative varieties of fear or anger, it is always the result of psychological weakness. A man doesn’t usually acknowledge the fact that releasing an outward display of a fit of negativity, pointing the finger at whoever or whatever is allegedly to blame, is a gratifying experience that borders along the fringes of pleasure. It is like a volcano erupting or an earthquake releasing built-up pressure that feels like a dutiful act of justice. However in men there is no justice in expressing negativity, for its manifestation is a poison expelled in both directions, and likely harms the sender far more than it does the recipient. There is never an excuse for feeling negative, although acting in a negative way while one’s temperament is kept constructively positive, is a useful and necessary function in maintaining order and balance in an otherwise chaotic world. There is an enormous difference between the two and a recognition of that difference is what distinguishes a mature man’s psychology from one that has never truly grown up.


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