Fresh Slate

Walk AloneIntelligence is intelligence, and intelligence has always been intelligence. No passing of time or wonder of technology will ever change the fundamental nature of human intelligence, and every man begins again as a fresh slate irregardless of what his predecessors may have done or accomplished on their own in the past. A sense of privilege or pride based on the deeds of others is an undignified display of laziness. There is no connection whatsoever between a man’s personal development and the rest of the world, and that is the hard truth reality that he must coldly stare in the face if he wants to become something of greater worth than he is. Men have to take responsibility for themselves; to understand that nothing else can do the work of necessary inner and outer observations, and personally tasted insights. Personal talent can only be acquired by digging deep in isolation to life’s distractions and finding that sweet spot of self-awareness. If instead a man adopts a sense of self-entitlement and presumes to think that he has some type of advantage, it will only serve to harden his blindness and disable his capacity for change, however slight that possibility even is given the best of circumstances. Genuine┬ámen inherently know that they, and only they, are responsible for themselves — and┬áthe clock is ticking.


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