Definite Contentment

Stand AboveContentment is something that can only be attained when a man forgoes the belief that society is the source of that contentment. When men congregate they conjure up every flight of fancy and fiction against the backdrop of the incessant need to cooperate and the irresistible desire to compete. One way or another each man is indoctrinated with the manufactured idea that in this cesspool of complication lies the answer to his inherent thirst for being settled in a more or less permanent state of happiness. But regardless of whatever milestone he may attain, or whichever object he may come to possess, that mythical state seems to always be one step ahead of his reach. The reality is that human society, in all its decorative glory, can never provide a man with the answers he seeks. It is all too fabricated and complicated for what is inherently a very simple and straightforward positive emotion. Only someone who can forgo this implanted idea — that other people, or things, or achievements in the midst of society, contain within them the prize he seeks — can find themselves at peace. Only a man who can realise that society is more or less a work of mutually reinforced fiction can ease his tensions and relax into a state of definite contentment.


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