Consistent Barrier

Big PictureThere is a critical error at the heart of every man’s psychology that blinds him from seeing the big picture. It is the tendency to cling emotionally to a point of view. He may be in the wrong in a particular situation and his attachment to that point of view will block his capacity to take the high road. It makes him into a one-sided creature that panders to the pettiness of an ego that is addicted to polishing the surface of its self-image. While the habit serves his vanity well, it also becomes a detriment to the potential development of his intelligence. It becomes a dog that is fed so regularly that it grows into a consistent barrier that affects virtually every facet of his life. Such a man does not endeavour to explore the other side of a specific problem if it does not favour him, for instance. This overgrown unconscious tendency won’t permit it to happen. He will instead choose one aspect and ignore all others, not because he is against the idea of surveying the entire landscape, but because his emotional disability has simply made the possibility altogether invisible. A great many of a man’s ignorances about himself and the world are borne from exactly this peculiar phenomenon.


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