Inherent Quality

Main TraitThere are certain core characteristics in a man that define the general pattern of who and what he is. For example, A is always tense. A never relaxes. By keeping it in mind as a hypothesis, he can suddenly see a pattern of habits woven throughout the deep fabric of his life, as if they all revolve around this same core characteristic. It is an axle on which a man’s general tendencies are based upon. He may live an entire lifetime unaware of this primary trait and by that ignorance be denied the capacity to understand his nature and personality. Such an ignorance is like a veil being stitched over his eyes, altogether precluding the possibility of him working to struggle with himself in the only way possible. Without an awareness of this master feature, this inherent quality, he will only be able to scrape together crumbs of observations that are jumbled together, disorganised and fragmented, and therefore insufficient in both meaning and force to allow him to change in a fundamental way. What is most telling in life is how feeble men are — however armed the best of intentions — to alter their general state of being, for they are predisposed and locked into place by an underlying tendency that they fail to see or suspect.


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