Think Anew

Behind BarsA passive sense of emotional attachment is an impediment to genuine intelligence. When emotions are left to linger, forming themselves into habitual states of prejudice, they block the mind from being able to think anew. It is like the flow of rainwater paving its way down into a meandering river. Its path becomes sharply defined and in exactly the same way is the mind caged and burdened by the predefined pathways of passive emotional states. A child is born and encounters fresh experiences that beckon new emotions that have never before been felt. His elders help to guide his experience according to their prejudicial patterns and very soon the child wholly adapts to them by way of involuntary imitation. His emotional landscape gradually forms its passive structures and the mind follows suit, thinking according to the meandering shape of the river. A man’s intelligence rarely second-guesses this situation. In most cases he will never question himself and his nature beyond the most superficial attempts at curious introspection. If he could and if he did simply begin to direct his attention to these emotional prejudices and observe their activity with some flavour of impartiality, the possibility would emerge for his mind to struggle and redefine them.


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