Already Predefined

Left AloneThe physical body alone is inherent to the world. It enters into the clutter of daily existence with its inner and outer activity fully realised. Its outer movements are learned in great measure by imitating the people around it, but the vast scope of what makes the body the body is already predefined. The mind and emotions on the other hand are fundamentally different insofar that they acquire everything that makes them what they are. A man’s thoughts and feelings are mirrored to the example and instruction of those rearing the newborn body. His mindset and emotional range illustrate the contemporary morality and dogma that circulate amongst the population as the predominant psychology of the times. The status quo is a baton that is handed from one generation to the next according to this blank slate nature of the mind and its predisposition to adopting the thoughts and emotions of the general mass of humanity. The body is not so designed. It is the direct product of genetic evolution and its predispositions manifest according to various environmental laws that the mind has no connection to or understanding of whatsoever, leaving the two entities in a position to one another that is quite awkward and estranged.


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