Unsightly Sight

Stay BalancedIntellectual or physical excellence without a parallelĀ development of emotional maturity is an unsightly sight. So too isĀ it awkward to encounter emotional excellence in the face of a feeble intellect or body, as in either case a man can hardly perform to any semblance of his worldly potential. Sooner or later the lopsided development of the one, or two, at the expense of the other will halt any further advance to be made. A man will find that every step he makes will engender in him only a momentary satisfaction until that empty feeling returns. Emotional development is what fills his inner self with substance, with weight, with the gravitas of presence necessary in order to genuinely traverse towards his full range of possibilities. It determines whether a man is in fact a man or simply a child disguised as a man. An accumulation of admiration, power, and wealth by way of intellectual and physical feats will not excuse this inherent requirement. A man is not complete without a paralleled development of all three facets of himself at the same time. This approach ensures that the progressive development of his personality and essential nature turns not into a misshapen creature but a harmonious expression of his greatest intent.


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