Excessive Appetites

Don't TouchThose vices known to men as sins are psychological distortions of basic human traits. Each trait is inherently selfish insofar as a man seeks to survive. The concept of prosperity, of securing more resources and security than is necessary, begins the process of distorting basic human traits into habits of overindulgence. A man’s psychological makeup experiences an overgrowth in every possible direction. He becomes a caricature of himself unless his capacity to observe what is happening intentionally stops the process in its tracks. Modern men, finding themselves waist deep in unseemly habits, can undo these knots by observing the activity and actively curbing their excessive appetites. They are like obese men who understand that the only way to shrink their bellies is by enduring the temporary suffering of refusing to allow one’s appetite to have its way. This activity of psychological fasting is the remedy to all vices and their accompanying forms of mental disease. First a man acknowledges the situation, he notes all of the unwanted behaviours, and then works to bring his state back to normality. The definition of sanity is in continually applying this method of psychological resistance to those forces within a man that seek to get more than is their rightful share.


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