Simply Witness

See ClearerEvery annoyance is evidence of cracks in a man’s character. In the game of introspection, that art or science of witnessing one’s behaviour from a bird’s eye perspective, nothing is too trivial an observation. All instances, big or small, point to gaps of integrity. Any moment of negative reaction, whether a man notices it while it is merely brewing or if it has already erupted like a volcano in the face of some perceived injustice, is a self-evident clue that begs for serious attention. A moment of negativity should never be justified, nor should it be used as a reason to become even more negative out of guilt for behaving badly. Often the most difficult and rare approach in relation to negativity is for a man to simply witness the episode in its entirety without indulging in it. A man bites his tongue from head to toe. It is the most difficult approach because men are by some wild hypnotic irony addicted to reacting with negativity rather than remaining stoic and letting the passing storm simply clear. The weather will come and go as the underlying beast within a man groans and grumbles at being denied comfort and convenience, and the higher intelligence available to modern men can deny the beast the pleasure of displaying its displeasure.


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