Fashioned Amidst

Look AgainThere is no good or bad in isolation to the greater context. Nothing can be singled out and taken as it is without considering the nuances of the environment. It is impossible to call a man bad or good. He is a mixed bag of triggers awaiting the right buttons to be pressed in order to act one way or the other. If he considers himself independent of this intrinsic relationship to conditions, then it only means that he has long since settled himself into a deep sleep bolstered by very comfortable pillows. His life has become fashioned amidst such cozy repetitions that he is no longer capable of introspection. When and if he takes the step of changing his circumstances abruptly, be that a case of travel, switching occupations, or adopting hobbies that challenge his normal routines, changes of a sufficient severity to his adopted lifestyle will make it clear enough that he is not the solid rock he assumes himself to be. Cases of bad behaviour may begin to overshadow cases of the good. His sense of comfort will be compromised and his blind spots to his true temperaments will light up while he attempts to adjust to his new conditions.


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