Hygienic Atmosphere

Now UnseenAn element of civilisation is the progressive envelopment of society by the expectation of acceptable forms of moral and politically correct conduct. This is the feminine force at work as men are reared into corners by the enforcement of judicial laws enacted for the sake of protecting the rights of minorities or other groups sensitive to some perceived form of discrimination. The intent behind it may have originally been noble and correct as a communal concern, but the continued role it plays in ensuring people both think and behave in a certain way becomes a burden to a great many aspects of what determines a healthy psychology, as well as a healthy society. Liberties are caged around the crude bars of social expectation as the environment is rendered increasingly hygienic. The problem with this tendency of civilisation, this desire to wash away all of the alleged bugs and germs seen as behavioural defects, is that an overly hygienic atmosphere inevitably minimises or altogether eliminates the possibility of new spontaneous growth and development. A man’s mind is not permitted to learn for itself according to the natural cycle of observing the consequences of his errors in action, for a superficial fear towards the hypersensitive pestering of the law keeps the effort from ever taking place.


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