Blind Spot

Cloudy HeadMen are perpetually burdened by a blind spot in relation to time. Their attention is distracted by the passing moment and their memories are but faint residues of what occurred. For a man, the past does not exist in the moment as a single whole. The details are remembered subjectively, their significance are weighed in skewed disproportionate measures, and so the immediate moment is always subject to a violation of the right intelligent behaviour to improve rather than deteriorate his conditions. The result is that men make the same mistakes throughout their entire lives. In relation to people, this time-memory-blindness manifests as unseemly behaviour. Those who were once deeply bonded friends are now alienated and estranged. A single event will be weighed inappropriately side by side to the great grand sum of everything that had occurred before. All of the good deeds are as if cancelled out en masse upon the appearance of an accidental yet negatively perceived bad deed. A man is therefore severely disabled by the quality of his perceptions towards time. His capacity to capture, retrieve, and relive the moments that came before to their full objective value falls short of the proportionate intensity required to render the future progressively saner and more intelligent than the past.


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