Vigilant Eye

Drive DownThere are no reliable formulas to follow. Circumstances are weighted down by factors and forces that are in constant motion. Although a man may feel he has the power to sway the building blocks of his life into a particular arrangement, he is in far less control than he would like to acknowledge. Spontaneity is the mother of true intelligence, for it never sits still or rests in its perceived laurels. It is centred in bright awareness and against the grain of falling weak on the wayside as opportunities present themselves for brief periods at a time. Possibilities that exist in this immediate moment will shortly fade away and a man who is asleep may never see or find that road again. A vigilant eye is the only ethos he can place his faith on. It is the only way to develop the stamina of character that can recognise and access the various carousel paths. Men that want to be something other than a passing speck of dust floating along the outer dermis of the earth must always be on the lookout, always on guard, awake and on the prowl for the means to develop in themselves the quality of attention that is able to surface beyond mere fantasies and socially adopted philosophies.


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