Creative Struggle

Reach OutThere is an emotionality that is wrapped upon the anticipation that the future be predictable and favourable to a man’s expectations. This is the commonplace psychology of the majority of men and it is based on the underlying animal instinct which demands the comfort of routine. The consequence is a degradation of the active mind and its creative facilities. A variety of the finer functions of a man’s mind — characterised by spontaneity and a sense of intelligence given to continual improvisation based on all the peculiar factors that influence the immediate moment — will go dormant and even deteriorate to dust. Men tacitly agree to this state of affairs, each silently approving of the other as they accustom themselves to the pretence that they all live in a predictable world. Such a belief is delusional; a fiction that denies the reality that the world is inherently unpredictable and that a conscientious man must develop in himself an alternative emotionality that anticipates change at every turn and angle. This is a perspective and attitude that is wrapped around nothing else but an understanding that creative struggle and effort are required in order to reap the best results for the sake of oneself and the environment — of which both request incessant innovation in order to thrive and endure.


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