Essential Element

Alien TechnologyA language is more than simply a medium through which men can communicate. It is more than the capacity to formulate thoughts and conceive ideas. Firstly, a language is the quintessential signature of the culture that created it. Secondly, a culture is an expression of its language and is defined by it. The intellectual, emotional, and visceral range of expression of the one defines the other. Language is, despite its intangible nature, the original technology that permits men to stand apart from the confines of natural order. It is alien to the laws that present the world of flora and fauna with its derivative possibilities. Language is what made possible the very concept of potentiality, the idea that borders and boundaries can be not only manipulated but even transcended according to the conceived necessity of perpetual innovation. Men do not realise or appreciate that the hidden significance of the Prometheus myth, the deliverer of fire, is principally language itself. As is his habit, a man takes language and every other essential element of his life for granted and refuses to muster the efforts to scrutinise the components and building blocks that make him the extraordinary creature that he is. He looks only away from where he stands; clueless and ignorant to what makes him tick.


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