Passive Attention

Looking AwayHow a man approaches the details of his life defines the quality of his overall perceptions. The tendency is to become familiar with a detail so that in every future instance he is passive in relation to it. A passing object with all its aspects, qualities, and characteristics is met with a passive attention; a mechanical recognition that renders the object no longer worthy of a fresh and active experience. His perceptions become increasingly dull as the accumulated library of details are transformed into nothing more than lifeless, dusty, artefacts. A man doesn’t realise that this behaviour gradually disables his ability to penetrate into the depths of otherwise flavourful objects and concepts, like the proverbial example of a layered onion. The quality of his attention suffers because of the tacit agreement that this tendency is natural and that it is alright to no longer have to think about something that has already been filed away as known and understood. The chitter-chatter of daily conversations and interactions between people becomes a superficial exchange of collected dead things. Very rarely will men find themselves talking about anything with the dynamism of reality that they deserve. The taste of life diminishes and deteriorates as they choose to no longer extract any more juice out of it. As a result, a man’s experience of life and of time quickens and speeds up as if to acknowledge the fact that he unconsciously neglects what it has to offer.


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