Prolific Details

Get UpSpontaneity is the crux of all genuine acts of intelligence. The greater a man is consumed by dogmatic familiarity with respect to his perceptions, the less intelligence you can expect from him other than the cookie-cutter variety. Spontaneity entails an obsession towards a type of thinking that is inherently fluid. It is likely impossible for men to attain such a near permanent state since the energy and motivation required is something that one can only expect out of characters from works of fiction. The integral weakness of compulsively familiarising all of the varied details of reality into words and labels, letting them become dusty assumptions that bear little if any life, is a condition experienced by all. The very notion of it should also be startling because it would make it very difficult for such a man to be able to relate coherently with society as a result. To be social and follow the ingrained memorisations of proper etiquette amongst other people requires that he not be overwhelmed like an infant by the prolific details of reality that are constantly met with in every waking moment. This is the trade-off between the capacity of genius and the monotonous mentalities of average city dwellers as they age one minute at a time.


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