Special Study

Look StraightThere are limits to everything, and given the right conditions sometimes those limitations can be surmounted. It is ludicrous to believe in fanciful realities that ignore the presence of limitations, for the restrictions that define the context of the environment deserve a special study. Men can place their attention on the context of reality and, like abled householders, spend their time fruitfully and without unnecessary waste of the precious time and energy vaguely allotted to them. There are many who will forgo this requirement; who would rather live in bubbles of delusion defined purely by positive and cheerful thinking. While a man who falls backwards into this type of mentality may appear from afar to be a useful factor amidst the folds of society, they are considerably less significant in their influence on that society than a man who proceeds with the caution and care of a sensible pragmatist. The latter understands that everything of true value requires great attention and considerable doses of effort in digging into their onion layers before that value can be extracted in full. They look upon the world with as sober eyes as they can muster, so that the struggles of yesterday can reap the intended consequences for the morrow.


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