Alien Element

Walk ThroughIt’s a common tendency to wiggle oneself into the behavioural grooves that require the least amount of exertion. That is why laziness, the tendency to procrastinate, is so prevalent a force in people. The natural desire of an animal — which humans are regardless of their conceptions to the contrary — is to do as little as possible while still securing all of the resources and circumstances to be fed and comfortable. The alien element here is an ever-increasingly complicated society and the elaborate tapestry of competition it creates. Men cannot simply rest on their laurels in peace in the midst of it. Society dins the incessant mantra of ambition into everyone and, regardless of the negative consequences that this bears, it also brings about the motivation to innovate and improve the overall conditions of life. Men come to understand that it is an essential element of their daily labours to continually enhance the quality of their work. They realise that they have to be at odds with their nature, to witness the results of their weaknesses, and to resist any indulgence to be comfortable for the sake of instead becoming better. This psychological mandate is nearly a permanent feature of the modern western mindset.


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