Siloed Groups

In the AirThere is an unseen ambiguity in the concept of ‘you’ and the concept of ‘I’. The vague label of either, referring to a singular identity that is now and always one and the same, creates confusion and chaos in understanding the reality of these socialised personalities running around on the streets. Men are not endowed with a single unified personality. This idea is a myth, a delusion that is passed down from one hand to another until it becomes an unspoken assumption that everyone carries. The personality of every man is fragmented into siloed groups of interest. One group has certain characteristics while another holds tastes and desires┬áthat are perhaps completely┬ácontradictory to those qualities. A man, for example, will say that he does not care what others think of him, and this may be true with respect to the personality group that is active in that immediate moment. Unfortunately, like a glass filled with sand, the circumstances change a few minutes later and the group that was active is now unseated from the spotlight and rendered passive. In its stead is a personality that cares quite a bit about what other people think and its personal valuation may be wholly based upon it.


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