Conflicting Natures

Together AgainThe body mimics what the mind fathoms, and the mind falls upon the moods of the body. Despite the singular appearance of the two, seemingly one and the same, they are separate and individual creatures that happen to be coupled and intertwined by fate. Their relationship can be portrayed as a struggle as much as it can a dance. The music they play together can be as melodious as a symphony or as discordant as jumbled noise. It all depends on the capacity for a man to be conscious, communicative, and controlling in relation to their conflicting natures. His mind may drift away into an imaginative recollection that brews with negative emotion and the body will automatically produce all of the potent chemicals required to make the dream feel as substantial as reality. In this way the body will suffer because it always abides to the beckoning motions of a careless mind. The mind on the other hand will often find itself stagnating under the heavy burden of a body that has been continuously neglected and mistreated by way of poor habits. A man must know that the two are inexorably entangled, and that whatever karma the one incurs the other must inevitably pay.


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