Own Force

My OwnMen can psychologically exist within or between the mix of two spheres; one based on group thinking and the other according to personal volition. The one requires a recognition of a status quo, a consensus towards what is considered true and false, right and wrong, and the channeling of the passions towards these generally accepted certainties. The other depends wholly on itself and there is hardly anyone who belongs completely to this sphere as it requires an unprecedented degree of sheer individuality, in which continual spontaneity and resourcefulness is required at every moment in order to move independent of external forces. The group mentality allows men to do things because their actions follow the mechanical flow of the herd. Such a man enjoys the prevalent force that energises and circulates throughout the entire mass of men hypnotised by the same tune. All of his psychological functions can proceed on automatic. A man who, on the other hand, proceeds to increasingly step into the sphere of individual volition experiences a proportional drop of energy and force. The more he separates from the herd, the less he can enjoy the benefits of belonging to it. This strange kind of man has to establish his own force and perpetually foster its development while insulated from the influences of the environment.


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