Haunting Sight

Conjured UpAs men age they have by the purview of intelligence an opportunity to look upon life as an increasingly revealed landscape of oddities. Existence itself can be witnessed as a strange occurrence and the symphony of humanity as the strangest spectacle of all. The desires of men, raised by the merits of artificially hollow intentions and motivations, are often little more than base instincts elevated to the station of vanities. There is little dignity to be had when the daily considerations of a man are left within the confines of such a narrow field. He will not think beyond the fences and borders that have been traced out in his mind, which possess no reality in themselves other than the preoccupations of maintaining the status quo of societal beliefs. It is in the interest of the greater whole, a mass herd swaying by the motions of waxing and waning agitation, that the predictable patterns of group-endorsed perspectives be incessantly reinforced in everyone. The highest priority is in ensuring that individuals do not wake up from the startling reality that a man’s mind is as manufactured as any other electrically charged device, reacting in complete mechanical conformity to outside commands. The tragic absurdity of it all is a haunting sight when unveiled to plain sight.


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