Dim Candle

Look BackMemory is the source of all wisdom and goodness. It is only through it that men can perceive the relationship of┬ácause and effect, action and consequence, and the reaping of what is continually sown. It is like the light that reveals everything else; the objects in the room and their relationship to one another. Just as light can be brighter or dimmer, a man’s ability to raise the intensity and depth of his memory is the function that allows the clarity of what is potential to become apparent. He does not realise the limitation of his nature and that his capability to remember himself and the sum total of his experiences is the exact measure of his being and intelligence. Men float through the river of time with only a dim candle lit, attentive to the present passage at the expense of the journey that came before. The details slip out from his mind, depriving the man of insights that only otherwise arise from the active restoration of all of his past records of experience. This is the most feeble of a man’s qualities; the stem from which he is bereft of the dignity that only a cultivation of his memory can manifest into his life.


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