Limited Range

Old StructuresEvery man has his own temperaments, dispositions, and psychological inclinations of a very specific kind. However much they may seem to him as unique qualities, as if to exalt himself as an exceptional specimen of individuality, they are mostly all inherited and hardly anything is truly of his own making. When he encounters certain situations, he will behave in a certain way. When the situation repeats, he can be expected to react in the same way. The nuanced and subtle variety of circumstances he meets with in life will tend to shroud his memory with complicated details that make it altogether quite difficult to recall the patterns that emerge. In any case, towards certain men of a particular type he will react in one way; to others in another way — and after a period of time has passed in which a sufficient number of different situations, scenarios, and circumstances have come and gone, he will have all of the potential data required in order to recognise the limited range of reactions he actually has available to him. Men are subservient to both their innate and inherited prejudices and to forgo any acknowledgment of this is a failure to act intelligently in relation to life. It is not at all a valid philosophy to hold on to the selfish and vain perspective that a man’s personal opinions about the world are, by default, correct.


One response to “Limited Range

  1. Individual man’s relative significance is akin to a mere molecule in a droplet within an ocean of a planet in a far flung solar system (e.g. Ors) in a forgotten part of the universe. The sleeping man’s ego, perceptions and reactions are not his own. They are based on dogma and acquired from interactions with other ‘sleeping men’.

    Know thyself, turn down the chatter in your minds so man alive within might speak louder!

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