Conditional Amnesia

Changing ColoursMen’s minds are fashioned in such a way that, like a chameleon that changes its colours to match the environment it encounters, so too do a man’s thoughts shape-shift according to outer circumstances and their accompanying inner conditions. This is most apparent in connection to the relationships a man establishes, maintains and continually revises in relation to other men. He may, for example, have a strong bond of friendship with another man for quite a significant period of time only to see it abruptly collapse when a single event arises that stirs emotions of a sufficiently negative character. This is facilitated by the fact that a man’s memories are strongly attached and bound to his moods. As long as he is in a positive relationship to an object or another person, his positive memories will endure and reinforce that positive relationship. But once a contradictory event draws him away from those positive associations, so do the memories that were formerly associated to them suddenly dissipate and even wholly disappear, only to be replaced by negative memories that now associate and acknowledge that individual in a negative light. This phenomenon can be witnessed on the higher scale of countries, civilisations, and groups of any creed in general. Relationships are fickle and memories are fragmented at every level and what was once positive can readily reverse its polarity at any time, with all past history swept under a proverbial rug of conditional amnesia.


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