Personal Experience

Look AgainThe pandemic condition of boredom suffered by modern men has its origin in the inheritance of ideas fed to them by society. A man stands still for a moment, pauses all of his attention onto its heels, and reflects on what he thinks he knows about anything. The scenario is one of utter blankness, as the entire environment in which he dwells has already been subconsciously taken for granted. There is nothing left to astonish him as in his current frame of mind the entire world has been explained away by memorised facts and figures. While his ancestors, bereft of such an overflow of hardened concepts about society, the earth, and the universe itself, would gaze upon simple rocks beneath their feet and the starry world above their heads, modern men of the ordinary ilk are more concerned with their daydreams and fantasies than they are towards the reality of their own personal experience. There is hardly any genuine motivation or curiosity left except of the poorest quality because an individual man already presupposes the answers he has inherited to be true rather than question and verify the world from the vantage of a blank canvas. Virtually no one wants to reverse their steps and revalue the entire enchilada of what everyone else submits to as the common point of view. Yet it is only in this direction, stepping backwards and turning the rocks of presumption onto their heads, that the condition of boredom can begin to abate.


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