Higher Order

Catch MoreMany if not most men would indulge in a maximum bohemian lifestyle if the conditions and circumstances of their life were granted the means. They would bask themselves in utter luxury if the resources were continually at reach. This is their conditioning. If they were made intimate with the inevitability of their eventual defeat to old age and the finality of one day disappearing from the world altogether, then perhaps they would look upon their limited lifespan in a different way. Such a direct taste would possibly change a man’s perspective towards the time he has been allotted, and instead of seeking the satisfaction of idle desires as the ultimate goal of his efforts, he might pursue other aims likely far more worthwhile than base indulgence. It is only by applying the mental faculty of intentional and directed imagination that a man can envision a foretaste of the consequences his current line of activity will lead him to. By recognising and understanding the preciousness of his limited time on earth a man can begin to align his immediate actions to ambitions of a higher order than the ones fed to him by a society that only cares for him to play the part of a consumer.


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